Start moving today.

Train your body and improve your health.


Pilates method requires a total coordination of body and mind.


Joseph Pilates said:” Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only attain it but to maintain it.”



  • Improve balance and coordination.

  • Correct your posture and even stop your backache.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor. Improve urinary incontinence problems and sexual relations.

  • Increase your flexibility.

  • Work on you abs.

  • Strengthen all your body.

  • Rehabilitate musculoeskeletal system problems.

  • Increase your lung capacity.


Why Pilates?

It is a discipline developed by Joseph Pilates that can be done at any age.

They are movements that help the rehabilitation of your body, correct body postures whilst reducing your stress levels and improve your concentration.

Move and improve your quality of life.


Pilates method evolves to adapt to the different people and the social changes affecting them so the method innovates and adapts to reach a perfect mind and body balance.

Pilates Training

Our instructors update and perfection their skills and knowledge to provide you the best experience possible.


We choose the best accessories available to complete your routine and to make the most of your Pilates experience.


You can profit from the machines that make your Pilates experience more effective.


It allows you to work in suspension thus providing resistance to speed up muscular training without joint impact.

Ovv Pilates

Central control, axial stretching, hip, shoulder and thoracic spine mobilization.


Three-dimensional work, quicker and easy redefining and firming, improvement of lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, reactivate the digestive system, fights stress, improves emotional state, prevents osteoporosis.

HIIT Pilates

Losing weight with Pilates is possible thanks to High InTensity Power Pilates. Sign up for our HIIT Pilates programme that combines high and low intensity to improve your health and lose weight.


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